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Dash Cam IR Night 1080P Camera

Dash Cam IR Night 1080P Camera

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Product Description:

· Dual-lens camera: The product is equipped with three cameras in front and inside the car, which can comprehensively observe the road conditions in front and inside and behind.

· Reverse image capture: reverse image capture function can easily record important details such as license plate when reversing.

Loop recording: The loop recording function ensures that the device continuously records and overwrites old footage, making it a reliable source of evidence.

·High-definition video: The product captures high-definition video to provide clear and detailed front and rear road images.


Warm reminder:

1: The built-in battery of this product is only for the time and date update function, and the supporting power supply must be linked to the loading work

2: Please use the high-speed c10 capacity memory card

3: Car charger must use the original parts

4: Do not change the line without permission to avoid abnormalities such as machine burning




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