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i3DRIVE™ is a new innovative car multimedia systems certification and marketing company that trades devices with top features and affordable prices for everyone




DrivePlay™ is the best car gadget of 2023. Offering seamless compatibility with CarPlay, Android Auto, AirPlay, and Mirrorlink. It connects effortlessly to your cars speakers using FM, Bluetooth, or Aux, and also features a built-in speaker. With voice control and a 5 minute installation, DrivePlay i3™ elevates your driving experience with with convenience and connectivity.



Universal Compatibility :This car radio multimedia video player is compatible with both wireless Carplay and wireless Android Auto, making it easy to connect your phone to your car's audio system.

• Large Touch Screen:With a display size of 7 inches and a resolution of 1024*600, this car monitor's touch screen is large and easy to use, allowing you to control your music and videos with ease.

• Dashboard Placement :This car monitor is designed to be placed on the dashboard, making it easy to see and use while driving.

• Hardware and Electronic Components :This car monitor is made up of hardware, plastic, and electronic components, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting.

• Universal Compatibility :This car radio multimedia video player is compatible with both wireless Carplay and Android Auto, making it a versatile option for any driver.

• Large Touch Screen:With a 7-inch touch screen, this car monitor provides a clear and easy-to-use interface for controlling your music and videos.

• High Resolution :The 1024*600 resolution of this car monitor ensures that your videos and images look sharp and clear, even from a distance.

• Wireless Connectivity :The wireless connectivity options for this car monitor make it easy to connect to your phone or other devices without the need for cables or wires.




Q: How do I connect carplay and Android auto?

A: Search for the Bluetooth device "carplay" on your mobile phone. When you connect it for the first time, the mobile phone will pop up a prompt, please click to use or trust the device.

Q: How do I connect a mirror link?

A: Before the phone is connected, click on phoneLink function of the device, change the automatic connection option under the corresponding phone type to mirror, then connect the phone data cable, and click the corresponding authorization on the phone end to connect.

Q: How do you get the sound through the car horn?

A: There are three points about the sound problem:

1. Our device comes with a small speaker that can make sound, you can turn it off by setting;

2. Transmit the sound to the original car radio through the FM transmission function of the device (for example, select 86.3MHZ on the device, and then play the U disk music, then search 86.3MHZ on the car radio);

3. Use the 3.5mmAUX cable to transmit the audio to the original carplayer through the AUX OUT interface of the machine (some models do not support this function, please see the interface description of the product for details).

Q: The Bluetooth connection fails, or some functions are abnormal after connection?

A: Please use your mobile phone to search for Bluetooth of the machine, and the name is "carplay"; Delete the devices that have been paired with but are not connected to the phone.Some
Bluetooth devices that have been paired with each other may cause the phone's Bluetooth cannot be paired with other devices or its function is abnormal.

Q: Will Bluetooth connection not automatically connect to car paly or Android auto?

A:Some connected Bluetooth devices will cause our device to fail to jump automatically. Please clear all paired Bluetooth devices on the mobile phone, restart the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and the vehicle device, and re-establish the Bluetooth connection.

Q: Playing music and talking on the phone too quietly?

A: Hold down the top of the screen with your finger and slide down. You can adjust the playing volume after pulling down the status bar; When you return to the home screen during a call, you can adjust the call volume in the status bar.

Q: Can't remember time and date?

A: Because of the high temperature in the car in summer, in order to ensure safety, the machine does not have a battery,so it cannot remember the time and date. After connecting the mobile phone, it will automatically update the time and date.

Q: Can't read or play SD, USB music and videos?

A:Please use 8G or 16G storage card or USB flash drive. Some large-capacity storage devices may not support it. Format the storage device to ensure that the storage device's file system is the default value; Partially encoded video or music may not be recognized by the machine, please use common format media files.

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